Commercial property maintenance When you need a dependable company to take care of your building maintenance, Secure Property Maintenance can provide you with the professional services you need to keep your building in tip-top shape. In addition to handling small maintenance jobs, we are also happy to service your landscape, lawn care and tenant improvement needs.
Commercial property maintenance
Property Preservation Secure Property Maintenance is dedicated to offering a full range of property preservation services and is committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service.
Property Preservation
Apartment / Rental Property Maintenance Secure Property Maintenance offers full-service, high-quality property maintenance for owners of apartment buildings and rental property. We provide building repair services, but specialize in preventive maintenance to reduce future problems from occurring. We will work with you to customize a maintenance plan that fits your property needs.
Apartment / Rental Property Maintenance
Residential Home Maintenance Secure Property Maintenance home monitoring services are customized to your property and schedule needs and ideal, but not limited to part-time residents. Whether you're a busy professional or a senior, rely on us to keep your home in tip-top shape, down to the smallest details.
Residential Home Maintenance
Vacation Home Maintenance Vacation homes are meant to be retreats for rest and relaxation. With Secure Property Maintenance, maintaining your vacation home won't become a source of stress. We can provide scheduled thorough property inspections to ensure any problems are taken care of while you are away.
Vacation Home Maintenance

  • Choose a plan that best suits you or ask us to customize your coverage to meet your needs and budget. All maintenance plans will receive a monthly itemized statement indicating the date your property was maintained with a detailed report of any work performed.

    • Replace Carbon Monoxide Batteries
    • Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
    • Replace Furnace Filter
    • Test GFCI Breakers and Receptacles
    • Check / Fill Water Softener
    • Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Test Smoke Detectors
    • Clean Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Clean Smoke Detectors
    • Inspect/Test Garage Door Opener
    • Clean Garbage Disposal
    • Open and Uncover Hose Bibs
    • Clean Outside A/C Unit
    • Inspect Deck/Patio
    • Inspect Siding/Exterior Trim
    • Close and Cover Hose Bibs
    • Inspect/Install Fire Extinguishers
    • Inspect Toilets/Sinks
    • Check/Adjust Stool
    • Clean Refrigerator Coils
    • Clean Refrigerator Drain Pan
    • Water filtration system check
    • Clean Dryer Vent
    • Check Exterior/Interior Light Bulbs
    • Inspect Foundation for deterioration
    • Inspect sump pump
    • Clean sump pit
    • Check Flow of All Drains
    • Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filters
    • Test Pressure Valve on Water Heater
    • Inspect window screens
    • Clean gutters and downspouts
    • Inspect Roof
    • Inspect/Operate Shutoff Valves
    • Inspect and clean window well(s)
    • Inspect Dishwasher for Leaks
    • Inspect Driveway/Sidewalks/Fence
    • Inspect Siding and Exterior Trim
    • Inspect Windows Inside and Outside
    • Check Doorbell
    • Verify necessary drain plugs
    • Check for Leaking Faucets
    • Inspect/Clean Faucet
    • Inspect/Clean Showerhead Aerators
    • Inspect Weather Stripping
    • Inspect Operation of Doors/Windows
    • Cover outside A/C Unit
    • Check Trees and Shrubs along House
    • Check Overhead Electrical Lines
    • Check Ceiling Fans
    • Check Furnace for Rust/Scaling
    • Flush Water Heater
    • Check/Adjust water heater temp
    • Kitchen/Bath Cabinets
      - Adjust hinges on misaligned doors
      - Adjust or replace bad latches
      - Add bumpers to banging doors
      - Replace worn-out drawer slides
      - Lubricate sticking drawer slides
      - Repair broken drawer boxes
    • Inspect fire extinguishers
    • Check/Adjust stool flush tank
    • Inspect Windows/Doors Inside/Out
    • Annual cleaning haul (up to 2 tons)
    • One hour of labor every quarter
    • OR use 4 hours for one project yearly
    • Pressure Wash Deck/Patio/Drive
    • Top Priority On-Call Handyman Services
    • Annual Radon Test FREE